That fire idea that wasn’t so fire after all

Photo by Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash

Some of the hardest things people can do when wanting to start a business or selling a product is finding that cool idea, that special niche that the world needs. Once that idea is down then boom everything is full steam ahead to getting started on it.

At least that’s what you’d like to believe, for me it has been the opposite countless times. Sitting on a great idea for weeks, months even years and never starting, only to come up with another 'even better' idea.

What do you call that when you just cannot start or execute on this great idea?! Fear of success? Fear of failure? May be just plain lack of belief in the supposed 'great idea’. May be all of the above.

You know, as I write this I don’t think I know, but what I do know, is you should not beat yourself up for not executing, just accept and try again or it simply wasn’t the time, clearly, since you didn’t just execute when you thought it was the right time to.

I’ve experienced lack of execution countless times and I used to feel like poo for not following through, but after a while I let that terrible feeling go and just believed I wasn’t ready (for one of the reason mentioned above) and I had other things to do before landing execution on my mind blowing idea.

The advice I’d like to share with you is, don’t stop thinking up great ideas, don’t stop trying, don’t feel discouraged when things don’t fall into place as you imagine them. Our life is full acted and un-acted upon ideas / thoughts, undiscovered and discovered paths and excuses / successes.

The time will come when you have an idea so fire, that fire will ignite your mind to start, your body to keep going and your soul to carry it and share it with the world.

Be patient with yourself Craig, be patient with yourself everybody else.