I think I found my soft spot

My vulnerability that is... In a recent blog post I spoke about not feeling very vulnerable and not relying much on people could mean you are not vulnerable with that person.

I was wrong, which is a great feeling to know I’m learning more about myself and about being vulnerable and accepting I don’t know everything not even about myself yet.

I am vulnerable, but with who or about what? My parents, the ones to take care of me from day 1 and still today I am 'their baby' and pshh no matter what age I always will be 'their baby’.

My parents are such an important part of me I didn’t even separate them from me to think of them as an external force, but they are and they are able to hurt me (obviously they won’t haha) but it’s possible and if I messed up so bad that we just was not close anymore that would break a piece of me in all honesty.

The connection I have with them is so golden that I can’t even explain, I always say they are my Ying and Yang who live inside of me, they are my everything and they are always my vulnerability. We talk, bust nuff silly jokes, grow together, speak on the world together and take care of each other with so much love.

If I spend time to even think about connection, the strength and weakness it brings me, it makes me appreciate what I have with them. and empowers me.

It’s a weird feeling, but yeah I will likely expand on it a bit more in time, I guess my eyes have opened up wide enough to see my vulnerability and I’m sure there will be a lot more to discover.

Now that I’m here feeling just that bit more enlightened about myself, it makes me appreciate my vulnerability that much more, the connection I have with them cannot be bought or recreated, I would not even be me without them not just physically but as 'Craig' I would be a completely different person.

Question is do other connections of vulnerability bring a whole different piece to you? Either for the better or the worse, but imagine creating connections so strong they evolve a part of you, I think I am only just beginning to find out the connections I really have with people and hope you join me on the journey to finding out. I may have a deeper connection with you... Nah that’s silly haha.

Thanks for reading this post guys, ya’ll basically read my public diary, hope you enjoyed and may be you guys can share what vulnerability means to you or if what I wrote you have a similar feeling 😁

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com