Why you should know what your doing next week

Some of us know exactly what they’re doing next week, while the rest can’t figure out what they’re eating for tomorrow morning. Well, is not thinking past tomorrow really an issue? No, but I would say you should at least know where life is taking you.

Photo Credit: Victor Hanacek

I’ve always been interested in where people are heading in life, asking questions such as

“Where do you see yourself in 5 / 10 years?” 
“Do you see yourself in your current job for the next 10 years?”

or a much simpler question…

“Are you happy?”

(May be you should ask yourselves those questions)

From experience I could say many turn up blank to the first two questions, but “are you happy?” is a very simple question and one worth some thinking before you answer. When I’m asking about your current mood, I’m asking if you are happy with where your life is heading, or are you just waking up, going to work, back home and repeating so you can pay the bills? All the hours you put in at work should have a purpose not just to survive till next month, after all we spend the majority of our lives at work we deserve a reward! *Pumps fist*

We should all know where we want our lives to be and ask ourselves if we are doing something daily to work towards a goal for a long term achievement.

So when someone asks you “are you happy?” you can proudly reply

“Yes I am!” or “I will be”.
When we know our destinations, the choices we face everyday get easier

Then all you really have to think about is what your eating for breakfast tomorrow morning.

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