Introducing Me/New Experiences

My name is Megan Raines, I am a Junior in High School taking a college course at my school through Akron University. I have never tried blogging before so this is a new experience for me. New experiences are a major factor in life. But they can also be terrifying or concerning.

For example when I am out in the college world…. now that’s a scary sentence. Right now I am in the comfort of a well equipped room in my high school taking English Composition. I have never been on a college campus for class. But before I can say student loans I will be a full time college student!!!

My main concern is having a job while I am taking classes. We all know that college is a lot of money and I’ll need to earn some cash. I don’t currently have a job now so I will have to adjust to the life of working. While I am doing that, I will also be transitioning to the college itself.

I’ve learned from my friends that are in college now, that it is not a piece of cake trying to balance both. They tell me things like, “I hope your ready for a messed up sleep schedule.” I thought they were teasing me at first, but the more I think about it I begin to understand. It sucks because I really love sleep. However I know that I will have some sleepless nights of studying. So add sleepless nights with a part time job and being a full time student. I’m not the best at math but that definitely equals stress. Then stress leads to a whole different chain reaction!

Stress will change your attitude and nobody wants to be friends with someone that has an attitude problem. Then making friends is a concern too! Will they be understanding or leave when you are stressed beyond belief.

But for now I’m going to throw those worries out the door, and think of the positive. The freedom, the free sports events, and the fun extra curricular classes.

The thing about new experiences is that they are both good and bad. They help us grow. If you stayed in the same position your whole life, you would be the most BORING person ever. So don’t be afraid to go for things like blogging, college, and you fill the blank for whatever you wanna do. Nobody wants to be Boring.

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