My Thoughts on the 2016 Election

First of all I am really sick of this topic, but just like everyone else I like sharing my opinion so here it goes…

I didn’t have a favorite candidate this election. Clinton is a cheater, liar, and is truly awful. Her pantsuits and fake smile aren’t flattering. Trump is a pig, big headed, and just plain mean. He does have better apparel, but it doesn’t hide his gross hair style. Both candidates didn’t look “Presidential.” Personally I wish that we had a better filtering system of who is allowed to go on the ballot. Overall in this election we did not have any good choices.

I am not old enough to vote, but I would’ve voted Trump.

I know I know……… it’s the ugly orange man.

However it’s all about change. Our debt has been piling up over the past 8 years and we needed someone who can get us out. How did Obama get us into so much debt? Recently he used Air Force one to campaign for Clinton. Wake up people his fuel money comes from our pockets! Trump used his own money to campaign and he was smart enough to use Twitter that doesn’t cost anything. I think that he knows how to manage money.

And yes, Trump says things that I cringe at, I’m not proud or going to repeat them. However he is a businessman and maybe he can get us more jobs in America. He already surprised us by winning the election, who says he won’t happily surprise us with his Presidency.

So don’t join those “not my president” rallies until we see what this Orange Man can do in the White House.

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