The Thanksgiving Question

The Thanksgiving season just passed and we are on the fast track to Christmas. I know you’re so happy for the music, the trees, the multi-colored lights, and the presents….But maybe we should pause for a second.

Did you really answer the question, “what are you thankful for?”

I am guilty of generically saying, “I am thankful for my house and the food on the table.” That answer takes two seconds to come up with and it makes your Grandma smile. Everyone’s satisfied, so why not leave it at that?

Well, I am thinking that I can go deeper and you can too! I am going to share with you how I came up with a better answer to the traditional Thanksgiving question.

I have multiple stops on Thanksgiving. That includes my Grandma’s house, my Uncle Don’s house, and my Aunt Kim’s house. When I was at my first stop I said the generic answer. That was the first time I felt uneasy about it. It felt like in the pit of my stomach (next to the Thanksgiving meal), there was an answer waiting to emerge. On the car ride over to the next house I began to think about what I was really thankful for. The drive was long so I had time to think while “Happy Holidays” was playing on the radio.

I reviewed the year that I had. In the beginning of the year I recovered from my surgery through months of physical therapy, mom drove me every time and sometimes we would go out for a snack afterwards. Then I was able to go back into soccer, my parents helped me get new cleats, and pushed me to get into shape. My family was at every game, and I finally got my varsity letter. Then it hit me! When I was at the next house I answered “I am thankful that my family has supported throughout this year no matter what I did or what challenges I had to overcome, they never left me drowning.” They really were my rock when I was re-learning my soccer skills.

I was shocked by the reaction of my answer. My family was glowing with smiles and my mom started to tear up a bit. In that moment I knew that I had finally achieved the answer that I was looking for.

You can do it too! Think about your year and truly say what you are thankful for, the next time you get the question. You might surprise yourself. Who knows, your answer might be an unforgettable memory that makes others feel true gratitude.

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