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Ah, grasshoppah, warm is a state of mind. One I don’t seem to be one with this past few weeks. Even that one day, what, Thursday, where I actually took off BOTH of my hoodies, wasn’t all that warm. Except I was digging a really big hole, so yeah, it was warm enough.

Have an unexpected plethora of time on my hands today. A good surprise. Get some laundry done, harvest the floors, wash the science projects in the sink, that sort of day. Spend a bit of time trying desperately to catch up on all my bookmarked posts, pounding out way too long replies, getting exactly one blog post to the ranch blog done before a note from Jo (my AgWeb editor) popped up asking after my late as usual contribution. Damn. Think I’ll just recycle the ranch blog post I just did, yeah, she’ll be okay with that. I hope.

Peace in, sistah and you keep warm and more or less fuzzy…

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