I just wanted you to know, it’s not just you.

Ah, kindred souls, we are, you and I. No, I was pretty sure I wasn’t alone in not ‘getting’, no, that’s not right, maybe ‘enjoying’ — crud, not really what I want to say either.

Okay, as you said, not our jam. Yeah. That works.

Other than the classics — I’m became a Steinbeck groupie when I first read ‘The Red Pony’ decades ago- and Heinlein, Niven & Pournelle, and Bradbury, I much prefer historical reads.

I don’t like rap either. Too boomy, and I can’t seem to understand the words most of the time.

Sadly, I have no kids to blame for anything. So, I blame the dogs, the cows, the sheep, the horse that JUST WILL NOT DIE DAMMIT!, and always having to go search for that one stupid hen at bedtime to keep her from becoming ‘coon food.

Heath and the rest of our young Beat Poets do seem to pour themselves into and out of their works of rhythmic art. And, I’m glad they do so and then post for all to read as they wish. I sincerely hope they all continue to do so for as long as it does for them what they need it to.

Peace in, Alexainie….

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