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….are you freakin’ KIDDING??! Baby, you so loud, they hearin’ you rant on board the ISS!! Drop the mic, and nobody get hurt!!!

Of COURSE we listen to you!! Kickin’ your butt right outta that pity party! Go home and sleep it off.

Old news. Movin’ on. Accidentally caught a few seconds of Faux News on the channel change fly. Lou Dumbs sez Trump is not only magnanimous and gracious in victory, but he’s invited the tech giants of Silicon Valley up for a chat.

Ask Lockheed and Boeing how it goes when you refuse. You can read Dave Pell’s take on that right here on Medium.

Go sleep it off, Mz Vi. See you in the morning.

BTW, got our first good snow in almost two years here today! Yippee!

Peace in, baby girl

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