The greatest fault in your fears here, is that you’re presuming that Trump and the people around…
Caleb Ramsby

Baby, I wish I had your confidence.

I was fortunate that while in the Navy, the closest I ever came to anything nuclear was the outer door to the reactor compartment on a sub. Hubby, however, was the AWEPS on a boomer. The guy who actually would be the one pushing the button. He has a great photo in his office of a test fire, and I gotta tell you, it’s a scary thing, that massive missile breaking the surface of the ocean. He fired that missile.

The problem here is that when you join up, the last thing you do before boarding,the flight to boot camp is swear an oath. In doing so, you are bound to follow the orders of your superior officer NO MATTER WHAT. Otherwise, it’s treason.

Think about that.

Not many military are on Trump’s side, but they all took the same oath. As Violet pointed out, they might have a strong moral compass, but, pardon the sick pun, the loyalty oath trumps that compass. And, they aren’t the ones navigating the ship of state with that moral compass. The ones currently steering the ship have no rudder or compass.

Yes, there are safeguards in place to prevent just such a disaster. But consider that Georgie Jr. threw us into a senseless, pointless war on a country that probably didn’t have nearly as much to do with the 9/11 cowards as we thought, an entry into said war based almost entirely on lies, and greed on Cheney’s part. If we had access to the illegal email server at the White House that was secretly installed by the GOP ( and the millions of deleted emails from said server, we might know exactly how much Haliburton and Cheney profited.

And those clowns weren’t nearly as bad as the current crop. Now that’s a scary bit of thinking there.

I dunno. If someone like me can think up this stuff, people like those cretins can probably come up with much worse.

Yes, the good people still out there, as you said, behind the scenes, quietly gathering their knowledge and skills for the good fight, we have to support and trust them with all of our resources. Every day we all wake up on top of the dirt is another day we have to try and fix the ship of state, so we shouldn’t be wasting those days writing what I did last night, right?

Peace in, brothah Caleb and sistah Violet….

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