I am kicking myself now for letting all the good people here down by not coming out with my suspicions earlier.
That ignorance to 60 in under a minute is what tipped me off, too, Caleb Ramsby.

Baby, it’s not your fault at all. We all did what we did with our eyes wide open. Not a one of us doesn’t have at least rudimentary skills with a computer. Me, I was all about trying to find Jackass Sr. Had I gotten a bit farther, things might have started to look weirder and weirder. My buddy in Whitesboro said her pal in Abilene still hadn’t come up with anything about a trial, or mistrial.

It’s what happens to people like us who actually care. Sometimes, we get our psyche stomped by the half digested garbage of the world.

Peace in, baby girl. We were all in this together, we all came thru it together. Bring on the next one!

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