Barn Find

Yeah. That Quick.

2 1/2 hours. That’s how long we were gone. At 12:30, I checked on Ruffie one last time before heading up to check on Enzo and restock his milk supply. I left her in the feeder bunk, looking completely unconcerned, chewing her cud, oblivious to the icy rain, warm and dry.

At 3pm, we returned. Ethan’s mom, Millie, was standing outside the bunks staring intently at something. I pulled on my boots and went out to see what was going on.

If you don’t just want to plant a sloppy one on that nose, check your pulse, because you might be dead. Yes, even you tough guys out there. It’s okay to want to get up close and personal with a cutie pie like this little girl. Honest.

Now, she just needs a name. Usually, I get a name when I see them, but all I was getting with her was Eittienne. I don’t even think that’s an actual name, plus what would I call her? Eittienne?

Plenty of time, and lots of ‘E’ names and words out there. Too bad I already used ‘Expresso ‘ because she is exactly the colour of a fine cuppa.

Ah. Enzo recovering well, the last calf arrived, a good tot of bourbon (Woodbridge Double Oaked)- yes, I think I might have a bloody good sleep for the first time in days….

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