I see… So it’s a “trigger word” for you… Therefore you get to… No.

Boy oh boy, leave you kids alone…..I know, I know, I’ve already used that one.

First off, let me start by saying that I don’t do poetry. I don’t read it, don’t write it. Not my thing. Bully for you who can write it, I’m all over you doing so. Just please don’t expect me to read/heart/comment on it.

Poetry, for my own definition, is the writer pouring their heart, soul and emotions into a musical dance of words. I do not presume to ‘get it’.

But, I’m not going to comment on it to the point of provoking the writer either. I try to be more mature than that, as much as I can.

I’ve said a few times that I don’t name tag and I don’t like labels. “Snowflake” is stupidest label ever, at least until Meg wrote her definition. I sadly spewed coffee all over the iPad again, Meg. Thanks for that. Until I can find the money for a new one, this ancient one has gotta last me a while longer.

Rev. Fred Denial, I like, mostly, reading your replies. Kind of wish you might write a bit more of your own stuff, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Everyone uses this platform in their own way. I’ve no problem with that.

However. Sometimes, you tend to be a bit immature, and that’s where I lose you. If you were trying to be funny with this thread, you kind of weren’t, not that I could see anyway. Maybe you were?

Not everyone is a strong, resilient person. Maybe you are. I know that I am. But where you and I part ways is where you call people out for their weaknesses, their hurts, and their expression of such things. Your name tagging them won’t make someone into something they are not, cannot be. I know you know this. So, why do it at all? It just doesn’t do anything constructive, and I’m all about constructive. Heck, I just cobbled up an ingenious way to keep the goddamn horse from harassing my bulls in the feederbunks.

There is quite enough nitpicking, name tagging, labeling, whining, yelling, fisticuffs, crying, finger pointing, and other BS going on right now. I’m mean, seriously? Near on 57 years on this planet, and I’ve simply not seen such a mess as we have going on right now. It’s always better to try and understand the other person (unless they are a Trumper, then all bets are off), try to feel their emotions, and if you don’t like or agree with that, then move along. No need to comment, make things worse, don’t you agree? I know it’s a tired old saying, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, try not saying anything bad.

Like you, bad things have happened to me. And, like you, I dealt and moved on. I’m not sure that is all that good an attitude, but it appears it’s what you and I tend to do. Live forward. Always have. Can’t change the past, don’t have time to bring it up and chew it all over again, but here’s the catch — not everyone can do that, and I’m okay with that. They aren’t me, and I don’t want them to BE me. Just as I don’t want to be THEM. Well, okay, I’d LOVE to be Mary Anning (go on, look her up, she was AWESOME!) or maybe Sandra Bullock. But truth be told, I’m perfectly fine being imperfectly me.

So maybe next time, wait a few minutes before replying? Think about what you WANT to say, and see how that rolls off the ol’ tongue. Just a suggestion, my dear lad, not an order.

Peace in, sistah TJ and brothah Rev

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