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You Read It Here First

The USDA Food Pyramid — Proof The Muslim-Friendly Left Wants Us Fat!

Brown Fat VS White Fat — A Racist View Of Our Guts, Courtesy Of The Liberal Medical Establishment

Which Caliber Is The Best Fit For Your Kid? A Back To School Guide For Parents In Search Of Johnny’s First Gun. Also, A Special Pullout Section On Bear Spray For Toddlers

Is Russian The New Mandarin? What Liberal Academia Isn’t Telling The Rest Of Us

Greenhouse Gas — If You Can’t See It, What Makes You Think It’s Real?

“The Government Is Poisoning Us By Claiming We Need To Ingest A Gallon Of Hydrogen Oxide Daily!” Says Celebrity Blogger With Zero Science Background And An Army Of Followers

“It’s January Here In New York, And It’s Not 70 Degrees, Thus Global Warming Is Clearly A Hoax” Says Eminent Non-Scientist Professional Dog Walker Randall Z. Tucks

The Middle To The Left Coast Elites — ”Go Ahead And Secede, We Can Live Just Fine On Soybeans, Corn And Wheat”

Snow In Downtown Honolulu In July? More Proof Of The Global Warming Hoax That The Left Won’t Talk About. It Was Cold!

Steelworker, Unemployed For Years, Finds Work At Walmart When Beloved Greeter Bennie Bonabo Finally Retires. “See? He Promised He’d Put Us Back To Work! Sucks To Be You, Libtards! Wrong Again!” Crowed Davidson Johnson III

Pro Bozo Rally Attracts Record Crowd In Boring*, Oregon. “Counting The Dead Skunk In The Bike Lane, There Were At Least 12 People, All Proudly Wearing Their Red Hats And Waving Little Flags. Almost 8% More Than Last Time!” Said Henry Marsh, Organizer

*yes, there really is a Boring, Oregon. I doubt they could find 12 supporters, however. Maybe the skunk

Canadian Prime Minister Threatens To Build A Wall To Stem The Tide Of American Political Refugees And Good Microbrews. “Labatt’s Isn’t THAT Bad!” Trudeau Says Angrily. Experts Warn Of Potential Trade War

The Nutrition Crisis In Middle America — Why The Blame Rests Squarely On The Left That Left

Sweatpants Made In Foreign Sweatshops Leading Cause Of America’s Obesity Epidemic

White House Says Weather Balloons Responsible For Appearance Of Low Turnout On Inauguration Day