Could This Happen?

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

I might be reading too much. I’m trying to keep away from the news, reading only the comics in the paper, but then, I get on Medium and BAM! I’m hip deep in the sewer that is the Debacle in DC.

This next bit has been coalescing in my mind for weeks now, and it just won’t go away. I try to see the good in the world, in people, and steer as clear as I can of the negativity. It’s my natural way of going. Has been for decades. But I feel like I’m losing it, because of this.

It’s a given Trump is as unfit a person as has ever sat in the Oval Office. No one with any intelligence would argue that point.

But, he has minions. And those are the ones a whole lot of people think bear close watching.

I’m with them.

What if someone, pick a name, close to Trump, has his own plan of action? And it goes something like this:

Trump ran on a fear based platform. America is in great danger!! The only savior America has is him!! Only he can prevent the cowards from attacking!! Its gonna happen, real fast!!

So. Nameless person, who undoubtably has contacts in dark places, starts thinking. Trump’s rhetoric can work in both directions.

A) An attack (because they happen every day, apparently) by the cowards fails to happen. Trump is a hero and proven right. We were in danger, and only Trump saved us. Trump gains legitimacy and support.

B) The cowards, goaded on by Trump’s poorly designed anti Muslim actions and guided by the nameless person, carry out a major attack. Trump was right!! Trump knew we were in danger!! Now Trump can push the button and nuke the bastards at home with a real reason!! No goddam pussy Democrat would do that, they’d try that useless thing, you know, diplomacy, with the heathens. Oh yeah, sorry for the destruction of San Francisco. It was due for a big earthquake anyway, and, sanctuary city.

Which brings me to an even darker place. Say nameless person, in collusion with his coward contacts, decides where to stage the attack.

Two scenarios — 1. obliterate Wisconsin, one of the three states that got us into this sewer. Tragic that people who supported Trump right into the White House took the hit, but now, surrounding states that didn’t support Trump show their solidarity. BAM! It’s the 2018 elections, and instead of scouring Congress of the spineless no loads, they put MORE in Congress.

And 2. Lay San Francisco to waste. There goes a stupid, pansy-filled sanctuary city full of liberal lefties. Trump still gets to push the button and nuke bad guys, but also gets rid of a whole lot of people he and his minions could do without. It’s a win-win for everyone! Who knows, the GOP could pick up even more seats without The City voting for commie liberals.

Just fantasy, right? RIGHT?

Please tell me that I’m a raving lunatic who obviously needs more chocolate, or coffee, or….something….maybe a bomb shelter?