Fear is for Phobics

Phobic — a person suffering from a phobia

Phobia — a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compulsive desire to avoid it

Synonyms — aversion, hatred

Been a lot of phobic stuff tossed around this year. All on one side, if that wasn’t really obvious to anyone with 3 brain cells. Homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, transphobic, et al.

Well, I’m a Jewish woman, and I’m not phobic. As a matter of fact, that thing the gullible deplorables hated right into the White House doesn’t scare me at all. Because, IT’S the phobic one in this equation. It’s the one scared of a very large majority of the citizens of my country. Not me. I ain’t scared of its pasty white ass. You wanna send some goons my way to paint your pathetic swastikas on my barn, bring it. But make sure they notify their next of kin first.

That little red dog (actually, she’s a bitch) in the picture is outweighed and out numbered by some pretty nasty sheep she was putting thru a trial course recently. She did not back down, she didn’t let them get away with anything, she RULED those sheep. She said ‘You will go thru that gate’ and when they bleated ‘No!’ she simply pushed them thru it. She’s a tough little dog we use on cattle almost daily, weighs a whopping 48 pounds, and is 11 years old.

I consider her a role model for the sane, intelligent people of this country. She doesn’t complain, she simply tucks in and gets the job done. She has so much power that she rarely has to resort to violence to get her way. Sometimes, her job is tough going, but she perseveres, sometimes against what to her should be almost insurmountable odds of success. Yet, she rarely fails.

Because she doesn’t give up. She has heart for miles, that little one. Brave, accepting of any challenge, doing what she knows how to do. I know from the people of Medium and their stories that most of us are the same. Fiercely brave, fiercely pissed off, and fiercely ready and willing to do what we know how to do.

The good fight starts NOW.

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