“Rev. Fred Denial, I like, mostly, reading your replies.
Rev. Fred Denial

Hi Fred, and thanks for the reply. I’m never quite sure what to expect out of people online, but sometimes, it turns out to be decent.

I have been name tagged a liberal, but I never have actually been one. I am all for the death penalty in proven cases of murder, rape and child molestation. Matter of fact, I have some ideas of how to carry out the sentences to drive home the point. When I lived in Iran, I saw first hand, pun fully intended, justice being served swiftly and emphatically. In my city of Esfahan, there wasn’t that much crime, considering the size. Public limb removals at the bazar tend towards deterring crime.

However, we can differ on a few things. I do recall you being from Oz, and I have friends from there living here now and yes, most are regretting it, but I still chat with residents, mostly Opal miners and fellow Australian Shepherd owners (funny the name, considering the breed was developed right here in the northwest US). Of course, they don’t tend to be near the big cities, especially the miners and those out on the stations, so I can’t rely on them to be totally tapped into what is going on. But I wonder about painting an entire demographic with such a broad brush? I understand that you know and see of these things happening in your country, but the question is, why? That word seems to be the sticky wicket in the equation, because we don’t see the same things here, and I’d have to check numbers, but I think we might take more Muslim refugees in than you do? If the brush were indeed that broad, we should be seeing such events here in much larger numbers.

We don’t. The largest portion of our cowardly attacks — I have refused for decades to call them terrorists, because the reality is, they are cowards, plain and simple- come from within the ranks of the white Christians, almost 100% young male. You get the odd outlier, a woman, or an older, non Christian man, but they are the anomalies. Criminology is not my area of expertise, so I won’t presume to comment on the whys of their actions, but I do think that is very much overlooked when debating about why things happen. I follow the chain of logic to the first link whenever I troubleshoot a broken gadget. I was taught that by my dad as a child, and the Navy reinforced it. Find the first link, follow it upwards to find the answer to the problem. The broken link will present itself when this is followed logically.

The same with cowardice and criminal behaviours. There is always a broken link somewhere, but to find it, you need to start with the first one. The Islamic extremists are no different than the white supremacists, the KKK or Westboro. The Spanish Inquisition was no picnic, nor were the Crusades. Each religious horror swept over the world, causing horrific things to happen to innocent people, in the name of one God or the other. Now, we have this one. So, is God, or religion in general, the first link? I don’t know. The first link could depend on the motivations of the cowards.

But back to blaming all Muslims for the actions of a group of cowards. It doesn’t work, and it causes real pain and hardship to people who didn’t ask for it. Not just the young boys you pointed out, but their parents and siblings. Tearing a family apart like that simply fuels their decision to side with the cowards, and to them, for good reason. They become easy pickings for the recruiters.

When I was growing up, in the California’s Central San Joaquin Valley, it was during Cesar Chavez’s time. The migrant workers were treated horrifically, and as head of the farm workers union, he organized protests and strikes, trying to draw attention to, and fixing, the problems. My dad, a horribly racist man, had gone so far as to pick up a tire iron and go stand at the gates of one of the local grape growers with a mob of like minded men. The farm workers did commit a fair amount of crime, mostly property crimes as well as a few physical clashes, but the white men did far, far worse. To this day, I don’t think he participated in the worst of things, the rapes, murders, bombings, arsons, assaults and the like. He wasn’t that kind of man, but he was a racist.

On the other side were the white men who got it. They knew the day that a Chavez would appear was coming, and when it did, they were finally forced to acknowledge the wrongs they did to a group of human beings, and to start the slow road to correcting them. They found the first link in the chain, and followed it to the broken one, the “why” of what caused Chavez. For the record, they are still, decades later, fixing the broken link.

So, should men like my dad have been torn from their families and thrown out of the country? They did horrible crimes. They killed, and destroyed homes with bombs and fire, and plotted to do these things in secret meetings at various homes.

By the metric you suggest, absolutely yes. And then, their dads, and brothers, and sons would have followed in their footsteps, in a blind rage. Why wouldn’t they? Instead of rooting out the hatred, the miscommunications, the blindness to human suffering, you instead nurture, feed and water the root into twisted growth. Not a good thing.

Find the “why”, and you will set out on the first step to neutralizing the cowards. Give the young and old, men and women, a reason to hate you more, you break more links.

For the record, I’m a borderline atheist. My blood relatives in Poland were forced to dig their own graves, then lined up, young and old, babies and pregnant women, great grandfathers and young boys, and machine gunned to death by cowards calling themselves humans. For being Jewish. I harbour no animosity towards Germans. I do get a bit ranty when people who should know better use religion as an excuse to exclude or otherwise marginalize those of a different culture or faith. Like a certain buffoon currently desecrating the Oval Office seems inclined to do.

I don’t know how Oz vets its immigrants/refugees. Is it as thorough as we do? Or, is it much as when it was settled, toss the criminals on a boat, and the survivors are welcome to stay? For the record, to me, that move was pure genius, and the reason I think I like Aussies as much as I do, in general. The Brits tossed a fair number of good out with the bad, or at least, that is how it appears to me. Their loss.

I believe you and I will disagree on this point of order. Like you, we are seeing our country change, drastically and not necessarily for the good. Not for the same reasons, and I’m sure neither you nor I would want to change the cause with each other. It hurts, seeing these changes. When my neighbour had his truck and horse trailer vandalized, simply because he is an American citizen of Mexican descent, I was livid. When the three mouth breathers showed up at a local bar, looking for “the Jew”, it was in their best interests that I don’t go to bars, and especially that I wasn’t there at that moment. It hurts, and it makes one angry to have to do things differently because of events seemingly beyond ones control. I get that.

But take the time to figure out why these gangs are doing what they are doing, and look for the broken links.

I’m a dab hand with a MIG welder…

Peace in, brothah Rev…

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