I’m Already Going To Hell

So I Stoked That Locomotive Engine

A text message conversation between myself and a good friend, who happens to be a right winger, just pushed me closer to the Gnarly Gates.

According to Christians and pretty much anyone who has known me long enough, my path to the Forge Of Fire was set upon in childhood.

And, I ain’t got no regrets. Not looking back, nope. It’s all good.

Enjoy the ride. I know I am.

Me: Can you believe it? The Dems are meeting behind closed doors, shutting the GOP out completely, to pass a major piece of legislation that will affect EVERYONE! In SECRET!

RWF: Are you kidding me? Treason! Must be a real sinker (piece of excrement). They should all be indicted! Wrong, just WRONG!

Me: I know! Bastards think they can just shove crap down the public’s throats and we will take it lying down

RWF: Not only do they deserve to go to jail, they should be hung for such an underhanded, dirty trick (insert rude emoticon here)

Me: Yep. But that a-hole McConnell looks like a turtle, not sure you could actually hang him — no visible neck! But it was his plan and idea, so he should go to the gallows first

Looooong pause….

RWF: McConnell isn’t a Dem, you know that, right?

Me: Oops. Did I say Dems? I meant GOP (insert sheepish emoticon here)

Been a few hours now. Not a peep.

Just found out I have been made Engineer of this train.