BTW, my partner, A very senior nurse, a Clinical Nurse Consultant said that technically the fetus is a parasite, feeding off its host.
Howdy, I think if I was Russian and in the abortion capital of the world I’d think not twice…
David Varley

Interesting more that most medical/veterinary (far more my area of knowledge) personnel say exactly that. Until life can be sustained outside the host, an organism is exactly that. A parasite, incapable of living without the host.

Abortion is not a pretty subject to play around. Vitriol abounds on both sides. My only real problem with any of it, is that no one other than myself and/or my husband should be granted leave to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body and its various bits. I have a DNR as well as a living will that clearly defines when to turn out the lights and start the memorial party (no tears/black dress/sad faces allowed). ** I** choose. Not someone I do not even know.

Same with abortion. Imagine that the incident when I was 12, and yes, I was quite fertile at that age, had been rape instead of assault, and resulted in pregnancy. Now I’m forced to carry this bastard to term, myself not but a child? Besides the physical trauma, the emotional would be far more devastating than aborting the unwanted.

But, you will get strong arguments for either way, both convinced they are right. And, to each of them, they are. It’s the mirror analogy. It’s like mentioning gun control in a kicker bar full of NRA members. Might as well be holding a can of gas and handing Dirty Bob the matches. No one wins that one.

Glad to hear you had a marv time in Mel! And bully for you. Everyone I know that went had such a great time, I’m damn jealous I couldn’t make any of the local ones. Ah well, looks like we ranchers and farmers are up next, so I hear. TPP and NAFTA got the whole gang out here a bit steamed. Money out of everyone’s pockets, it is.

Anyway, been a day, I’m off to the rack for a few winks. Last cow close to delivery, so it’s up to check on her every few hours. Bad one at the neighbours, didn’t end well. Crossed fingers, my old girl is steady and reliable, should be good.

Peace in, brothah David…