Sorry Dusty, I don’t pray, religion is not my thing.
And it won’t change….
Erik Smith

No worries, my dearest Dutch friend. Prayers are patently worthless, a cop-out as I like to say. Nothing was ever solved by praying. EVER.

Voting, now there’s something constructive that can be done. And, apparently, more Americans finally got off their lazy asses and did so Tuesday. Several heavily NRA backed lap dogs lost their elections. Washington state passed some common sense people control laws.

I wish I could say that my own state of Oregon did the same, but in fact, 8 of our counties — the poorest, the least educated, and of course, red as blood — instead decided to allow anyone to own a gun, regardless of their mental state, and made it so that the law would look the other way.

There ya go. Life doesn’t mean much to some people. The safety and continued breathing of their own children — meh, who cares, so long as they can have any gun, any number of guns, that they want, and do with them what they want, without much fear of any repercussions.

I have not heard of the criminal slaughter that you speak of as of yet. I don’t much keep up with the news anymore. I know, I know, just what the right wing wants.

What they fail to realize, is that while I don’t pay attention to the televised and newspaper news, I take care to keep up with,, and and other such non-biased, fact gathering sites.

The truth has always been out there. It’s just too easy to sit back, watch Faux or CNN or NBC or whatever, and let them tell you what the ‘truth’ is.

I prefer the highly interesting work of doing my own digging for the actual truth.

Peace in, brothah Erik…