POTD 1/1

Let The Games Begin

As a new year dawns (literally, you can see it right there), I’m not gonna get all maudlin on you, spew sentimental mumbling all over your screen. Instead, I’m gonna do what I do. Spew sentimental pictures all over your screen.


The grand old dame turns 139 this year. Usually, you can’t see it for the trees, except this time of year.

Sybil wishes everyone a fine new year, and that I’d put the damn camera down and feed her. HAH! She’s already been fed! She’s also totally photogenic.

I was loitering by this post, awaiting the 8 am sunrise, when I decided to shoot the frozen lichen and moss atop it.

Ruffle models her frosted topknot and ear rims

This was just a cool shot of the old man, waiting for breakfast, not concerned with the new year at all.

Peace in, everyone, and here’s hoping that that we can make this year a good one!

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