Without a doubt.

So yeah, between the snowstorm and power outages yesterday — really, it really happened (sorry, can’t help myself)- I missed the proverbial excrement hitting the rotational air movement facilitation device. Note to self — if the weather guessers say it could get ugly, go ahead and charge your phone anyway, even if they’ve cried wolf one too many times.

I give up. Lots of pictures of documents and screen shots of stuff that probably shouldn’t have been posted here. Jenn, if you’re still on, yeah, that wasn’t too smart, now go get yourself a new drivers license and put a freeze on your credit with the credit reporting companies, because you know every bad human on the planet is stealing your identity about now, if not already.

Honesty upfront is always, always, ALWAYS the best way to avoid this sort of thing. Again, I seemed to have missed a lot. I’m still really new to Medium and haven’t quite got it all sorted yet.

Problem is, now we no longer trust stories. Not that all stories were trustable to begin with (yes, I like to make up words, it’s a hobby), and I can tell when a piece is fiction, but maybe not everyone can.

I thought along the lines of the rest of us, that Jenn was without a support system, all alone in this, but now it doesn’t appear so. For me, and maybe others, that is probably the worst bit of deception.

Anyway. It’s Rosie’s first snow, and soon it’ll be light enough out that I can take pictures to bore everyone with. I sure wish I could have gotten some video from late last night. Absolutely dead quiet, the kind of quiet you get with snow, dark skies, faintly glowing white ground- and a small, black canine gas molecule careening madly about, leaping up and trying to snap flakes out of the air, doing snow roostertails, just 35 pounds of pure joy on a cold, dark, snowy night.

Living forward. Just like Rosie.

Peace in, Alexainie dear….

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