Ok, my rationality meter just pegged on the left-hand side of the dial, at the image of armed…
gregory rush

Thank you for such a fine photo essay of what could have been any number of major blood baths, my dear lad!

To answer your first question, the police officers are out in the areas around gun shows to prevent felons and others from illegally buying weapons. Nothing more, nothing less. The number of stolen and illegally acquired weapons seized from criminals showed a slight drop since that law went into effect.

I’ll take that. I’ll also take it to mean less criminals are even chancing the visibility of using shows as a flea market.

I have no doubt there are still a fair number of unhinged people out there with dogearred copies of ‘The Anarchist’s Cookbook’. But really, you don’t even need that outdated tome these days. Much more up to date info is available on the good ol’ Internet.

And, I tend to believe that there could be certain of the criminal element in this country that possibly has, right now, a dirty bomb in their possession.

Bad people are just bad people. Sociopaths with zero regard for other human beings. Take one method away from them, and they will evolve to find another.

As far as I care, they should all be taken out behind the courthouse directly after being convicted, stripped naked, and hung. Humanity has no use for them. They are not salvageable human beings.

Wasters of oxygen.

Anyway. The fact that good people are working, and risking their lives, to track them down BEFORE they can unleash Armageddon on innocent people makes it easier, just a bit, to sleep soundly at night.

Peace in, brothah Gregory…