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Vi, Vi, Vi, darling flame of my heart…..

Deeeeeep breath. Another. Aaaaaand another. Let the last one out sloooooowly.

There. A bit calmer now, are we?

I freakin’ hope so, ‘cause baby, you be SCARY when you’re in this mode!

Not an addict (unless you count being addicted to taking a hundred pictures a day of the same tree/cow/sunset/sunrise/dog/flower/you name it), never been, don’t know much about it except by reading and example (grandpa/dad/uncle/2 brothers/possibly a cousin or three). Didn’t see any behaviour that would have alerted me to Jenn doing something that addicts routinely do for cash/attention/did I mention cash?/whatever they are on. And that only because I don’t know what those behaviours are.

It’s all still kinda murky, and I’m guessing none of us may never know the truth.

And that’s okay. The deed is done. The seconds continue to tick onward. There’s no undoing the past, no matter if it only happened a millisecond ago. Life, that needy, greedy mistress, beckons us forward, following her short skirted, stiletto heeled visage marching forward with determination. How the HELL does she walk in those things?!?!

Glad you got it out of your system. Now, off you go. I hear a cat at your door.

Peace in, baby. Live forward. Let go the past. Not worth your trouble now.

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