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Well said.

I have many German friends. The world of our breed is fairly small, so we all know each other, and some of my dogs are in or have been in Germany. They know I’m Jewish, and all have been very to the point about the Holocaust. It happened, they are deeply ashamed, but more so, they are keenly determined to move so far past it that there is little chance of it happening again.

A few summers ago, Mimi and her family visited, hoping their new dog would have been born by the time they arrived, but Cricket waited until 3 days after they left to whelp. Her family was at the ranch at the same time both of my little brothers and THEIR families were here. 12 people in all, not counting us. Her 3 teenage kids put my teenage nephew to shame with their politeness and respect for the adults. No adult was address by their first name, the two boys made sure to pull out chairs and open doors for all the women, and Annika literally took over the kitchen, cooking like a top chef and even learning to barbecue, in spite of being a vegan. My nephew, on the other hand, was his usual rude, disrespectful self, but by the time everyone left a week later, he had amazingly picked up on how everyone was so charmed with Mimi’s boys , that he started acting a bit more like a civilized human being, rather than a typical SoCal brat. My sister in law was so charmed that when she heard that the youngest was coming to the US for a year as an exchange student, she insisted on hosting him.

Anyway. As usual, I’m off on a tangent. I guess I’m getting a bit peeved at all the whining about ‘you don’t get what it’s like so I don’t accept your support’ stuff going on. I say, get off the damn Trump Train and let people be on your side, stop playing into its hands. Because that’s exactly what it delights in hearing.

I don’t recall any brown, black, purple, yellow, orange, red, pink, grey or white people laying down in front of the trains rolling into Treblinka, or Dachau. The whole freaking WORLD knew what the Nazis were doing. None stood with us, us white European Jews, white European Catholics, white Eastern Europeans, as we were murdered. So don’t talk to ME about not standing with you.

I’m doing it anyway. Even if you didn’t do it for my people.

Peace in.