Do you have an Oregon beer fave?
Wife (L) and I were just talking about how every time we go in to BI-MART, there is yet another…
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

Well, where to begin! I’m more of a ‘the spoon should stick straight up in the glass of beer’ kinda broad. Black Butte Porter, in the top 10. Oakshire Expresso Stout. Pretty much anything not an IPA that Ninkasi puts out. Block 15 here in Corvallis puts out some awesome cellar brews, one of their latest involved maple syrup, coffee and cocoa nibs. Toby’s Nut Brown Ale, from the land of Lucas refrigerators.

BiMart is where I get a lot of my beer, when it’s on sale. MOC is for the hard to find stuff, and their prices really are pretty competitive. But generally, yeah, it’s a special occasion thing, due to cost.

Guess we’ll find out how things will be shaking out with the craft brew boys and girls this year.

Peace in, brothah Jason, from the other side of the Cascades…

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