OMG, I cannot imagine that pain! I went almost nuts with just three, once.
Jack Herlocker

Yep, it wasn’t pretty. Less than a week before he and the pup went to Montana for the week long cattle camp too.

We alternated between ice packs and cortisone cream. Those little bitches of course would just land in one spot and sting, and sting, and sting until one of us smashed them. Thus, some of the welts were of truly heroic proportions. It it took almost all of the time before he left for things to subside enough for me to be okay with the trip.

Its been a few years since we’ve had this event. A few years ago, I just happened to notice, on a 30 degree morning when there shouldn’t have been a live wasp to be found, a stream of them buzzing in and out of a gap in the hay. That very area was where I had been clambering around all summer, hucking bales. I knocked the bale over and released an angry cloud. I managed to escape unscathed due to being properly motivated, to say the least.

We have history, them yella jackets and I…

Peace in, Brothah Jack…

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