(34): Hothouse Flowers in November
Betta Tryptophan

You have to bring your datura inside for the winter? Well, okay, I remember going thru a hellacious ice storm in Millington, near Memphis, the winter of 1979–1980, so I guess the answer is ‘hell yeah!’ .

Ditch the fluorescent bulb, unless it’s an actual grow bulb. Use a 40 watt incandescent instead, see if you have better luck with either potbaby. The pepper needs a minimum 16 hours/day light but also needs a dark period. Also, warmth. Like, mega warmth. Tent the baby with a clear plastic cup with a small opening cut out of the top, about the size of a pencil eraser.

Looks like this weekend, the greenhouse heaters get turned on. Hoping to avoid the Fourth of July celebration of last year when they went on for the season.

The farrier and I were getting pelted by slushballs this afternoon while he trimmed the ancient horse. If that shuffling wannabe yak wouldn’t get so freaked out about being in a barn, it’d make things much easier this time of year….

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