Thanks, Dusty Craig!
Betta Tryptophan

You’re so very welcome! This from a broad who can only keep weird house plants alive inside, and for the love of all nature, can’t get a bloody dahlia to live more than three days after planting. Yet I can start sapiglossis from seed without even trying hard. Go figure, eh?

We live in the foothills of the Coast Range, at about the 500' level. Which, at our latitude (just about 45 miles south of the 45th Parallel) means snow and below zero temps are not unheard of. When people think of Oregon, they only think of rain. But baby, we are oh so much more than that….

Yeah, that old horse is still pretty spunky for 34. In 10 years, I’ve never lost a lamb to a predator. If and when it’s lights out for the old man, I’m getting a donkey. I’ve seen what them suckers can do to a mountain lion, and it’s mighty impressive. But I’m fairly certain that horse is immortal.

So Kamikaze doesn’t like water? Poor lad! Doesn’t know what he’s missing. Somewhere on the dogblog there are scattered pictures of the dogs in various stock tanks. If you want to go wander, it’s at or you can link to it via the website at, which might be easier.

Speaking of wet dogs, I just had the last ones trickle in from last call. I know what their thought bubbles are saying about now — ’Hoof shavings!! Yay!!’