The new age warrior.

You are the new Millenium warrior. No need to use a sword or shield anymore. No dragons, army or pirates to defeat. Your enemies are different. Your goals are others too.

You fight to keep a good health, working hard every day to bring food to the table, being a smarter version of yourself, reading and trying to keep the values and manners that your parents before injected you.

There are no witches or curses to confuse you or divert your path. Now, media, politics and medical institutions tell you what to watch, who should be your leader and what to take when feeling in pain.

Most of them are liars and you know it, and you will evade some, and fall into other’s traps.

You can’t be a king, but you can buy a fucking mansion. Your horses will all be trapped inside a red Ferrari, and you must defeat a lot of bosses and laboral challenges to get to the top of this new empire.

And it all starts today. You are the new millennium warrior.

Do not eat that crap, don’t stay in that dead end job, do that extra push up, ask that woman out, start your business, travel and build and thousand new friendships.

Because those are your new enemies, your new challenges, your path to build an army and a castle surrounding it.

The war is here. Money is the power. Your wisdom, your health and bravery will make you invincible. Glory is right there in front of you. Go and get it. Your legacy will be as big as the souls you touch and as far as your story reaches.