We are molded by life.

Throughout our lives, we tend to believe that only our parents or ourselves are to blame for every difficulty we’ve been through, and that is entirely a lie. It is not even close to be truth.

We are child’s of a human couple, but first of all, we are a miraculous creation of the Universe. An exact configuration of cells and particles that were earlier made by stars dust. We aren’t here by chance and what happens to us doesn’t happen as an accident neither.

Life molds us to fit its bests interests. Each human has a mission, and for small, depressive, fatal or useless it could seem it might be a ripple effect started to create a greater change.

I am not the result of my parent’s, school’s and/or personal in-life knowledge. My strength, resistance to pressure, ability to solve chaos, my level of happiness, my control over frustration and amazing sense of humor (probably not), were among many other abilities and characteristics, made by the Universe, for the Universe.

My specific strengths, weaknesses, and overall characteristics were made by the Universe and for the Universe.

Every time you received a bad phone call, that you took a beating by a bully, that you felt the highest levels of frustration, and also the times when you had it all, that you touched the peak of happiness, the kisses, the sex, the money in your pocket. It was meant for something greater. And it wasn’t created by you (at least entirely). It was a Universe’s path for you, a training or a reward. A test or a box of requested answers. All created to lead you somewhere.

So, next time you’re wondering why did your parents raised you fat, or why are you so afraid of social encounters, remember the Universe is behind it, that it’s for a greater mission and ultimately, for you to grow, to learn or to earn.

Thank you God, thank you Universe.