You have changed.

Three acquaintances have told me lately that I have changed. And of course I asked: How do you think I’ve changed?

They know, but they won’t tell. Because when someone tell you you’ve changed, it rarely is for good (according to what they liked about you.) Or it might be good, but they don’t know.

But I am proud to tell them I did. And every once in a while, I’ll do it again. I will change my way of communicating, my manners, my promises, the amount of love I insert into sentences, the hate or seriousness in my words. I will modify it all.

Now, let me explain why.

Have you ever seen a huge business deal happening in front of you? Or an exciting boxing match? Maybe an F1 race?

Well, they all have two things in common. First, people were competing with their top preparation and experience against each other. Second, there was a winner and a loser.

And life is exactly the same. We have encounters with people, situations, specific kind of days, places etc. And we live experiences and try to earn or to get something out from all of them. In a word, we try to win. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t. And sometimes we actually lose big time. (Not really, but that’s how we feel.)

Don’t get bored, I’m getting closer:

So, in the entire history of sports, there’s just one thing that barely never happened because it would have been extremely illogical.

A sportsman would never get into a competition (might be a new one or a rematch, that he or she lost before, with the same strategy, mindset, condition or playbook. It would be just fool and naive.

All good pros (at anything) know that every time they fail to close, that they lose in a sport or that they have a bad encounter with a person or a whole situation, they need to perform changes in their strategies in order to prevail and beat the next time. Not only for rematches, but for every new encounter they might get.

Even when a pro remains undefeated, they still change their training and preparation, to set a new higher bar against their next competitors.

We as humans, possess the evolutionary ability of improving and leveling up our game in order to protect ourselves from suffering, and to get ourselves the victory we always wanted.

So, next time someone tells you: You have changed, take it only as a compliment. Keep changing your playbook every time you can. Always be changing.