An introvert supporter !

I have completed three and a half months of working at Frappe as Functional Business Analyst. 
All this time I found out who I am.

I am a Supporter!

I am not assertive, decisive on goals and results. I-need-this-done-now, kind of message is not my personality.
I simply prefer to communicate in a direct manner and focus on aspects of work that are most clearly tied to results.

As a supporter, I am more relaxed and primarily focus on what’s in front of me. I enjoy being the individual contributor, take the time to listen to multiple perspectives, and happy to let others take charge.

Mine laid back approach to work may be misperceived as the team slackers, but I prefer a routine so I am not always the most proactive teammates, and carefully to adopt new processes. I avoid rushing to make quick decisions or disrupting my routine with last-minute fire drills.

I am an Introvert!

I was under an impression that I am an extrovert, sadly I am not.
I am quiet and when I say quiet (I don’t mean shy, though). I am not used to being around lots of people and socializing in bold and assertive ways. I get my energy from quiet, contemplative work. I may not be taking part in all the during lunch discussions but I love to share my knowledge when I feel, I should.
As an introvert, I am unable to express all the ideas I come up with or take a lead. Sometimes I get suppressed by what I don’t know rather being telling everyone what all I know.
This is bad, really is.

So now the plan is to play the other side. Take the lead, become a commander, be a doer and play an extrovert :-)