Bad day at work :-(

This happened a couple of days back. I felt bad and then it was on my mind for quiet a long time. So what happened actually. Day started with my boss pointing out some irregularities in my work. Later I had to give reason for why I was not able to do what was assigned to me. Bad part was I had none ! I couldn't find a good reason for not doing what was part of my work regime. Well later I realized it was because that work was last in my priority list. Here I was wrong, it was supposed to be on second priority. All said and done, I wasn’t able to forgive myself. It was simple yet I made the mistake. Bad!

Bad mood followed me, Yet I made a conscious decision to leave that day behind. This wasn’t easy but I spoke to myself, everybody messes up sometimes, but that doesn’t make mistakes in the workplace any easier to deal with. Maybe you forgot about an important meeting, or maybe you sent your highest-paying customer a wrong reply.

Whatever you did, it’s important for you to remind yourself that your mistake doesn’t make you a failure. Instead of dwelling on how I messed up, I should think back to times when I did something good. Like ace a demo to prospect or receive awesome customer feedback? Focus on those times to remind yourself that your mistake was just one negative among some of positives. This quite little talk to myself helped me actually! And then I made myself a cup of coffee, called up my husband and I was good to go again. Wrote down each task that I need to complete and started with a fresh mind again.

Awful days happen. Being happier isn’t about avoiding them or driving yourself crazy trying to turn them into good days. It’s about making a decision to take care of yourself in the best way that you can and if you’re up for it, taking some steps to make sure that your bad days don’t infiltrate all parts of your life. You may not want to always hear this, but you can make the choice to put an end to a bad day.