#Last Month of the Year

We are into the last month of the year! one of my friend said on this weekend get together we had. Suddenly everyone in the room was silent and was in thoughts. I was no exception. Nostalgic memories of previous year surrounded me. I started summing up the last year.

My son turned one, I was planning to get back to work. Husband was travelling almost all of the year. Being a full time mother I lost touch with many of my friends. Plans to loose weight were not working. Parents and In-Laws were worried about my getting back to work. Got AC for Anjaneya’s room. New furniture was designed for his room. And then I got a job! Anjaneya was settling into day care. Suddenly his Inguinal Hernia grew larger and yet another surgery was scheduled. I was on a verge of loosing my job. Luckily I was able to save both Anjaneya and my job. Brother got a job. Sister got promoted. Husband switched his job. Unlike his previous job he is not entitled to work from home “this was a sad news for me :-( “ and hence I will have to manage everything on my own on days when I go to office. Visits to hometown almost every month. No vacations, though enough of leaves for a ill kid, his injury at day care and a sick myself.

Oh God ! isn’t this all too much to handle. This is just a summary, details are far tiring. But now when I am writing this I see that last year the gain was more than the loss, same as that of my weight.

Ending this year with a planned vacations, a family and friends get together party for Anjaneya’s 2nd birthday would be a perfect good bye to the last year and Hello! to the coming one.

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