The First Response Time

People don’t like waiting. True! And people really don’t like waiting to have their problems solved. Getting a problem resolved within minutes would obviously leave anyone really happy and satisfied. In a world of immediate solutions and smart objects, customers are beginning to expect fast resolutions.

It seems to be common sense that speed is key in customer support. More important is the time taken for the First response. Getting this one right makes a massive difference to your business and at a time where attention span and patience levels are at all-time low, a company that doesn’t make its customers hang around will come up trumps.

Being a part of Customer support team here at Frappe, I feel responsible for time taken to reply the customers query or issue.

We are in a process to improve and manage our first response in an effective manner. We aim to minimize the time taken to resolve customer issues and provide the best possible solution as soon as possible.

When none of our Customer Service Executives are available an immediate standard response “your issue has been received”, is sent to the customer. Screenshot

or the trace back of the error is asked from the customer so that when the CSE opens the issue he/she could quickly reproduce it and reply with a solution.

During the working hours the issue is read and if a ready solution is available the reply is made within couple of mintues.

There are issues which seem to be account specific and require logging in customer account are replied asking for the credentials and then are further investigated. We reply them with a solution and the problem causing the issue.

There are issue which we need to replicate in our test accounts and hence they are replied with a solution after confirming it on our side.

For complicated issues with longer resolution cycles, such issues are discussed within the team and assigned to technical or functional consultant based on the nature of the issue. As the customers need to know their requests aren’t dropped, we perform regular check in and make sure we are updating customers with tangible progress.

We are in a process of improving the response time and aim for as few replies as possible to get customers to their resolutions.

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