Medium Post #3: Miss Representation Response

Directions: I have categorized the topics discussed in the documentary. You will choose THREE categories. For each category you choose, give a thoughtful, detailed response about how you reacted to it — your opinion, thoughts, and questions — that meets the minimum given length. Feel free to use your viewing guides. Do this on YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, not as a reply to the post you are reading now. You are not being assessed on how you felt about the film and the ideas it raised, but how well you link them directly to specific ideas and examples brought up in the film. The assessment guide is below:

10–8: Responses each provide at least one specific example of an idea raised in the film and a detailed, thoughtful, and nuanced* reaction to it. Provides additional personal thoughts or observations of media that connect or compare to ideas raised.

7–5: Responses are somewhat detailed, but some or all do not use specifics from the film. Fall below length requirement.

4–1: Responses are much shorter than the minimum requirement and do not provide specific evidence from the documentary to back up claims.

Example of a “10” — Female Politicians and Media’s Treatment of Them

“I thought the part of the documentary about women in politics and how they’re talked about in news media was interesting. I’d never noticed how they’re often sexualized or talked about in terms of their gender, even when they’re running for a serious office. For instance, the clips that showed how Sarah Palin was discussed in terms of her body were shocking. I couldn’t believe how often it was tossed about that she is “masturbation material.” I suppose this could hurt her ability to be taken seriously as a leader. One thing I do notice is the number of times the same thing happens to Donald Trump. He is often ridiculed for his hair, his weight, his fake tan, and other physical aspects, too. Overall, I think the problem of focusing on a politician’s looks is much more an issue for female politicians than males, but I would say it happens to both genders and needs to stop. For sure, the problem of focusing on their emotional states is more a female thing than a male thing. The men on the news shows talking about Hillary Clinton’s voice or Nancy Pelosi not being “tough” is not something I’ve ever seen happen to a male politician before. In general, this whole part opened my eyes.” (11 sentences)

Remember, just choose THREE! Write a minimum of 10 SENTENCES for each response.

  1. Women’s Beauty Standards and Media’s Role
  2. Women’s Roles in Hollywood (archetypes, stereotypes — “femme fatale,” “fighting ‘f’ toy,” etc.)
  3. Women in Journalism and Media’s Treatment of Them
  4. Female Politicians and Media’s Treatment of Them
  5. Women Behind The Camera (directing, writing, etc.)
  6. Women in Advertising and Media’s Treatment of Them
  7. Violence Against Women and How Media Influences It
  8. How Media Harms Men, Too

Remember to tag your response Ashmanmedialit.

Due Sunday, Dec. 2 @ 11:59 pm.