In Honor of Pi Day, a New Poetry Form

Karen Williams
Mar 14, 2018 · 1 min read

I’ve invented a new poetry form, the Pi Poem, based on the digits of pi. The basic rules are:

The first line of the poem should contain three words/syllables (your choice, but be consistent).

The second line of the poem should always be the word “point”.

Each succeeding line should contain the number words/syllables corresponding to the digits of pi so far.

You may go as far along pi as you’d like.

You can rhyme or not.

The idea is to use the spirit of the number to control the form, but the words are all yours. Have fun with it.

Here is an example that I wrote, using this as the value of pi: 3.14159265358…

Love Song to an Uncertain Future

I’ve encountered that
implied, inherent, even promised.
never sought. Not a gift.
The peaches I have dared lie eaten, sticky memories,
blue ribbons
molding in a muddy cardboard box.
What do I dare as
my next peach?
So little time to claim
between this morning’s aches and when I join

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