Module 7-New Literacies

This was a fun module to complete. I enjoyed reading how I can incorporate more technology into the classroom through literacy. I do however wish there was more freedom for teachers in the classroom and that standardized testing was a thing of the past.

For module seven we focused on how classrooms need a change when it comes to technology. There needs to be more of a focus on technology and how students can use it to solve problems in their own life. We need to stop worrying about students being able to pass multiple choice tests and get them to be creative and think for themselves.

During week 13 and 14 I completed a total of two daily creates. I wasn’t too into the daily creates the last few weeks and found most of them beyond my level of skills.

I used my book and camera to complete this daily create.

I used a new app called Color splash to complete this daily create.

I also completed many hypothesis discussions with my classmates.

You can find my contributions to the discussions in Hypothesis below:

House Stark | Hypothesis

I enjoyed the readings this module and found they correlated well with what I believe. I really feel like there has been a lack of change in the education world that we deeply need. We seem to keep focusing on the way things used to be done instead of focusing on the future and what our students will need to be successful in society when they become adults. They need to be able to comprehend what they are reading on the internet and they need to be able to properly use different forms of technology. I think we are too focused on standardized testing and not meeting the needs of our students.

For this module we were required to complete two challenges. For week 13 I completed the sketch-note challenge and was surprised by how difficult it was. I used the OneNote online program and was able to use my touch screen laptop for the first time.

For week 14 I completed the Blast from the Past challenge and had a ton of fun with this challenge.

My favorite creation this week was Allie’s Blast from the Past with the Raggedy Ann dolls. I think it was very creative and definitely reminds me of the past.

During this module the main challenge I faced was trying to decide what challenges to complete. I am not that great with technology and trying to decide what challenge to do was rough.