Technology Frustrations

I will start off with saying I do not like the idea of being tracked and I do feel like Big Brother is watching. It makes me nervous now to put so much on the internet.

For module four we focused on digital identity, which included discussions and reading on avatars and the avatar world, as well as data collection and tracking.

During week 7 and 8 I completed a total of three daily completes. I enjoyed the last two weeks daily creates and found myself excited to complete them again. Below are the daily creates I completed for this module:

I used Photofy and my camera to help me create this daily create.

I used the GIF search to create this daily create.

I used photofy and the internet to create this daily create. This one was my favorite because it made me laugh.

I also completed many hypothesis discussions with my classmates.

You can find my contributions to the discussions in Hypothesis below:

House Stark | Hypothesis

I really liked having the opportunity to read and discuss the development and changes in the avatar realm. It was very interesting to read about how much thought and feelings avatars can have to relate to the person who is creating them. I love the idea of having the opportunity to create an avatar to experience something new. I also was a little frightened by the readings because I was shocked to learn just how much we are tracked. I never realized just how much data and information is collected on us just from our computers and phones. I was surprised to learn that the algorithms used can know us better then our own family-maybe we spend too much time on computers.

For this module I decided to try something totally new and complete the MC challenge. I was nervous about figuring out how to complete this challenge but once I discovered and figured out how to use filmora I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I had fun adding text and music to a previous weeks dialogue. Below is my MC

For this module I decided to complete two dialogues. The first one I completed with Allie Sandler and Laura Terry about Google Cardboard. This little creation out of cardboard can bring so many new ways of learning for students. I enjoyed learning about Google cardboard but I enjoyed discussing it with my peers even more.

The second dialogue I completed was with Leyna and I was nervous at first since it was my first dialogue with only one other student but we had a ton to discuss. We discussed ANTH101 and I think this was my favorite topic for the dialogues. I found the class and website to be very intriguing. It was amazing reading the stories of people talking with strangers. It is a fun idea and I think I will try it out sometime. I am even contemplating trying out the course myself.

My favorite creation this week was Leyna at Large’s MC challenge. It was fun seeing how she changed and mixed up our dialogue to make it more interesting. It was also nice to see how I completed my MC challenge compared to hers. There is so many types of programs and types of technology to use the varieties of one challenge is never-ending.

During this module I faced one main challenge, mostly during week 8. I had issues with getting hypothesis to work for me. I wasn’t able to always properly load the “Will Democracy survive Big Data” article and when I was able to get it to load at all I couldn’t see my classmates posts or replies to my annotations. I tried different browsers, as well as my computer, my husbands, and my phone. I reported the issue to hypothesis support but have yet to hear back for my ticket. I hope next week will go a little more smoothly.

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