Hiding America From Americans
Douglas Rushkoff

If only we could get more effort placed toward ACTUALLY civilizing Americans rather than convincing the civilized world that we are part of it.

I cannot remember the last time I heard a popular politician — or ANYONE on political media — refer to the concept of public goods. We have apparently swallowed the noxious poison of believing that social welfare exists only to deliver cut-rate consumer products to the poorest people in our society — that “public” means the worst option, the shoddiest version of anything “given away free” to those so hapless as not to be able to purchase superior PRIVATE goods. Rather than public goods meaning a high standard of service provided by government organization by which we invest in our ENTIRE populace.

America has never, and I fear may never, accept the idea of the American population as one people. We have always been a segregated society which at least a third of us craves to maintain and intensify, wanting the shoddy pleasures of bullying someone (anyone, really, as long as there’s someone we can bully) at the cost of respecting ALL of us. White supremacy makes people stupid, and the wealthy one percent has always done its best to intensify white supremacism in order to pit working people against one another. We are now just on the brink of succumbing to an American fascism that will extinguish the hope of civilizing America, returning us entirely to the barbarism of tribalisms and a hierarchy of personhood restricting good lives and full citizenship to only a favored few… who employ some of the proles to defend them against the rest, and favor them with salaries for doing the repressive work of expropriating everything from whoever they scapegoat this time around.

Trump is already trying to fly the notion of stripping citizenship from some people BORN HERE. The end of that road is the ovens…. We ought to have been spending more to import Europeans here, to help America understand social democracy, rather than trick the world into believing this a civilized nation.