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Scott Smith
Sep 27, 2018 · 5 min read

If you’re a business, the chances are you have an online website which you use to generate leads and sales. Therefore, it’s essential that potential customers looking for a company such as yourselves can easily find you. This is where an SEO consultant comes in, using their expertise and inside knowledge about how search engines work to help consumers locate your website. Time and time again, businesses struggle because their site isn’t easy to find by the right customers. SEO provides the ideal solution.

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Benefits of Using a UK SEO Consultant

When opting for any type of SEO service UK, it’s vital to understand what SEO is and what you’ll be getting from using the expertise of an UK SEO company. It’s an investment which provides impressive returns, but it’s also important to know what you are paying for.

There are many elements which SEO encompasses. In a nutshell, it’s the process of pushing a website up the results of search engines such as Google. This can increase the number of leads and sales achieved through a website, helping businesses to improve their profit margins.

Scott, UK SEO consultant working with online marketing since the 1990s Expert SEO marketing consultants provide a variety of benefits to a business, but this doesn’t just mean increasing the number of visitors who come to your site. Of course, SEO helps more pages on your site rank highly in the search results. However, the quality of traffic should also be improved. Google search engine consultants such as aim to drive visitors to your site who are more likely to buy from your business. That means if someone is looking for ‘builders in London’, for example, and this is something you provide, in an ideal world they would find your business at the top of the search results when inputting phrases such as this.

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When using the services of an SEO marketing consultant, it’s important to know what expertise they provide. Here at, you will get to work directly with an SEO expert — Scott — who has over 20 years of experience helping companies to succeed online. With so many SEO consultants claiming to offer the same services, what can you expect when working with him?

Scott offers a full spectrum of services not provided by all search engine consultants. From internet marketing consultant expertise to e-business consultations and PPC, he’ll put together a bespoke package to fulfil your needs. It’s easy to tailor each service around your requirements. This includes those looking for a local SEO consultant or companies hoping to increase their rankings in the global marketplace.

It’s easy to work with Scott who promises not to baffle you with jargon. He only uses simple, plain to understand language and offers a no-nonsense approach. Scott will closely monitor the success of each strategy implemented, adapting them along the way. This will find new ways to boost your SEO performance. Think of him as your personal search engine optimisation consultant, never outsourcing the work to another affordable SEO agency.

Black and grey hat practices get fast results, but can also lead to a search engine penalising a company. You may even get blacklisted from the results pages if you use a search engine optimisation consultant who uses these techniques. Scott only uses the latest, white hat SEO practices which are the lowest risk form of SEO. This also means he helps you to yield long-term results for success which lasts. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint.

You’ll receive holistic services when working with Scott, with detailed, up-to-the-minute reports available which will be tailored to your needs. However, offers something which most internet marketing consultants don’t — a free SEO review pack to identify what we can help you with. By taking a look at how your website is currently performing, Scott can see the areas which may be affecting your position in the search engines. From there, he will recommend how he thinks you can be driving more leads to your site.

What’s included?

Some search engine optimisation consultants will only focus on off-page SEO such as building up backlinks on high quality domains, but this isn’t the only factor to consider. Scott will take a page of your choosing and assess its on-page SEO. This means looking at the way it has been coded, for example. He will compare it with a top ranking site for a specific keyword and see what you could be doing differently.

Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO, identifying phrases which your target audience are searching for which your website has a chance of yielding great results from. As part of your free review, Scott takes suggested keywords from you and expand these to create a mini keyword list. This identifies some of the phrases you could be bidding for.

It’s surprising how much you can find out about your competitors when you have the expertise and know-how. As part of your free pack, Scott will take three of your main competitors and produce a report on their current SEO performance. This examines anything from their PPC campaigns to their keyword bids.

The review is a snapshot of your current SEO score and what you could be doing differently. If you opt to continue working with Scott, he will perform in-depth analysis across your entire site. However, while you’ll learn a lot about your site from this free pack, there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to commit or buy any further services. It’s simply an opportunity to sample Scott’s expertise, giving him a chance to see where he can help you.

Each SEO consultant report is fast, simple and gives you an excellent insight into your SEO position. Receiving your free SEO pack is simple. Just fill out the short request form HERE and Scott will schedule your report to be completed. Easy!

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