An Entrepreneurial Coup at Homestead Coworking

A vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is a community in which everyone has permission to create, start and connect.

For over three years, a handful of creators in my hometown of Brookings have done just this. From weekly 1 Million Cups coffee meet-ups to TEDx events, we have seen momentum building and more creatives have emerged to share their big ideas with the world.

This ecosystem is essential to keep a small town like Brookings relevant. People no longer move for jobs. Instead, jobs move for people. Brookings needs to attract and retain creative talent for economic success in addition to the even more important goal of creating a fun, vibrant and livable city. This is the future of work and community.

Creating events and one-off projects is an important step. Even more exciting is to see entrepreneurs create businesses and invest money to hire other creatives and start innovative projects. That’s why today is so exciting:

Isaiah Croatt of Inceptum Technologies is acquiring Homestead Coworking.

For the past six months, Homestead Coworking has attempted to create a physical space for creators. From coworking to events, the downtown location was a flexible option for telecommuters, events and coffee addicts.

Now we are thrilled to see one of our own members come forward and take over the space. Isaiah will use the space for his company, Inceptum Technologies, and has big plans that range from a local coffee shop to more connections with campus. He will also provide mentorship and assistance for people looking to launch their business. We know that his passion will help further the mission of educating, connecting and celebrating entrepreneurs in Brookings.

The best part? He’s an entrepreneur himself.

Head down and visit Isaiah and thank him for taking the brave step of running a business and creating a space to help startups in Brookings. You can email him at or visit Inceptum Technologies for more information on the re-launch of the coworking space. I know his work will make the path even easier for others to follow.

The Future of Homestead

Homestead will continue as an events and education organization. This acquistion will allow us to focus even more on building the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Brookings.

Based on the success of helping Isaiah take over Homestead Coworking, we will continue to host events like 1 Million Cups and TEDxBrookings while creating opportunities for creators to meet and work on important projects for our community.

We thank you for your support and for helping to build the community we all want to see.