Meet Scott D. Meyer

I’m running for Brookings City Council and would love your support.

A Quick Introduction

There are four trends shaping our communities. I’ve experienced these trends as an entrepreneur, business owner and community-builder.

I learned entrepreneurship at an early age, watching my father, Dr. David Meyer, start his orthodontics practice in Brookings in 1986. I didn’t know it at the time, but this planted a seed for my passion for creation.

I graduated from Brookings High School and wanted to change the world, so I left my home community. That’s what I thought people who wanted to change the world were supposed to do.

I received an undergraduate degree at Luther College and a master’s degree from University of Tromsø, Norway thanks to support from the Brookings Rotary Club. A decade later, I returned home. I finally realized that the best way I could make a dent in the universe was to start in my hometown.

That’s when my brother and I started 9 Clouds, a digital marketing and education firm that helps rural businesses and communities use technology to grow. Our work spawned a second company, Lemonly, and between the two, we now employ over 25 people, many of whom graduated from SDSU.

I learned from these businesses that talented employees made us successful. This talent needs a reason to stay in South Dakota. That’s why I turned my free time towards starting community-building events in Brookings. I’ve worked with other great community leaders to launch TEDxBrookings, 1 Million Cups and Creativity Week. These events support our goal of making Brookings a creative, vibrant hub for changing the world.

My experience living in Brookings, starting two high-growth companies and leading community events have prepared me to bring energy and ideas to the Brookings City Council. I appreciate your vote and invite you to join our 100 person challenge.

Meet my family: Taylor, Amelia and me!