The Golden Rule Of Arguments

I love to engage in arguments. I like to hear a different point of view, and I like to give one as well. I do have one rule: Only argue about something in which you are educated. As someone in high school, I can’t express how much bullshit comes out of kids mouths. They argue about something because their parents back it, or they heard a two minute segment on the news about it.

I know this isn’t a new phenomenon, but I think it’s becoming more popular. When people are asked why they don’t like Trump or Clinton, they usually can’t come up with a decent answer. They give some half made up reason, can’t back it up.

Most people like to engage in political conversations, but what’s the point if the person you’re talking with has little to no education on the matter. Education doesn’t just mean learning about your own opinion, it’s expanding that education into looking at the opinion of others. Read both sides of the argument, then decide which side you’re on.

I am a republican, but I do differ from what my party believes. We continue to judge a person on what party that they belong to, rather than what they’re actually saying. At school, I’ve been told my opinion doesn’t matter simply because I am a republican. If we continue down this road, there will be no progress, and our country will only become more polarized as it goes on.