Why I Don’t Think “Transgender” is real.

No, I don’t think transgender must use the bathroom for their gender assigned at birth, and I don’t think they should be fired simply because they are transgender. I simply do not believe that people should be able to change their gender.

Let’s be frank here, gender and sex are the same thing. It has been the same way, for every animal. If you are born with a penis, you are male. If you are born without one, you are a female. This has been the same case for thousands of years. A constant argument I hear from the transgender community is “How could a doctor assign a gender.” I mean, what else are they supposed to do? Doctors make their decision based on fact, not by how the baby is going to feel in twenty years.

Another common argument from the transgender community is blaming society. Society somehow dictates what gender they should be, and what the standards are for that gender. The transgender community makes it rather clear that they are above society. Yet, it is truthfully up to the individual to look at these “Societal guidelines” and choose where they stand. In fact, if a person truly feels that they somehow don’t fit the image of a female or male, then they perhaps have too strict of criteria for what a male or female should look and act like. It is rather ignorant to think that there is only one, strict definition of male, and that you need to abandon your sex if you don’t fit that definition. In fact, it makes transgender people more sexist.

The very fact that you have to be so above society and so special to somehow not consider yourself to fall under the scientific and factual gender you were assigned, is rather narcissistic. I am a male, but it doesn’t mean there is a certain way a male must act, yet the transgender community makes it clear that there is. Society will constantly give it’s input to how you act, who you are, and the clothes you wear, but this doesn’t mean you have to follow them. There is a wide spectrum of personalities under the definition male, just like there is a wide definition of personalities under the definition female.

Instead of accepting the fact that there is two genders, the transgender community is making a point that there are many, many more. If they call for equality so bad, can’t they accept that no one truthfully cares. The more I try to learn about the transgender community, the more I realize that they don’t want to be questioned. Whenever someone comes and asks a question, their answer is you can’t understand, you’re not trans. That’s great, but if you truly want society to accept you, you have to embrace the argument, and actually make it understandable.

Everyone has a personality, but to tie that to their gender, doesn’t seem right. To insist that a gender somehow alters who you are, is ridiculous. No one is special, and get’s to defy the rules of nature.