The EdTech Rebel Alliance
Graham Brown-Martin

Hey Graham,

I just came upon this post via your post “Why EdTech Sucks”. Great title by the way! I too do believe that without a clear vision of the teaching and learning potentials of educational technology, big companies, curriculum designers, standards-based assessments, administrators, teachers and parents will continue to drone on pushing out the same traditional vision of education that was created over a century ago.

In response to your Star Wars reference, very catchy and I would love to join the Alliance! I too have a Star Wars reference and it lends itself to your theory on Constructionism. Every year I work with students interested in creating, planning, producing and performing in a large scale collaborative video. Last year, with the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise, we created this video (

This year we we able to go off in a slightly different direction based on students interests and ideas. In this way, it too models a constructivist approach (

These video projects have always been about using technology seamlessly, harnessing the power of social media and transforming the vision of school to include more student autonomy, ownership and creating transformational learning opportunities. Last but not least, within the same vision, I must share one more video project that I am very proud of and sincerely hope that other school take on as a project in their own schools called #thisismyschool (

So glad I saw a friend tweet your article…your posts and your vision or reimagine education are inspiring!

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