The Secret to Product Analytics Meetings
William Allen


@William I’m glad you made this connection. As a former teacher, IT director, and current product lead for an iOS messaging app, I’ve been running my analytics meetings this way for a couple years. It’s astounding to see the difference. In meetings, not only will people self-congratulate, they’ll also compete for who has the smartest insight.

Have you heard of Edward Tufte? He has a similar approach where he hands 3 sheets of paper to every attendee at a meeting and gives everyone 10 minutes to review. 1.) Is a high level summation of data for than analysis. 2.) The source data so people can dig deeper. 3.) A list of his own insights on the data, including questions to guide the analysis.

By building this time into meetings, you avoid people under-preparing. By including your own analysis, you can control the “low-hanging fruit” and push people to dig deeper.

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