Day 1

Trying to come up with a topic for my first publication for a social media site has proven to be somewhat difficult. Should I talk about the great wonders of the infinitesimal universe that resides within a grain of sand, or should I talk about the fact that my elbow hurts for no apparent reason. I’m thinking it is from the office chair I sit in everyday, or maybe from my daily commute, who knows. Or it could be that I am some secret government agent that is involved in clandestine operations at night, which could explain why I always feel exhausted…. But I digress trying to pin down a single topic for discussion is no easy task, so I will leave you with this:

Life is but a tree in the forest, some are adored by much sun and bear plenty of fruit, others find themselves in the shade with hardly a leaf to spare. To be a sapling in the forest of life should be cherished, for it is better to be in the shadows then be the dried seed baking in the sun.

And don’t forget, bacon is awesome.