8 Things You Can Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated
Tiffany Sun

I’m sorry but this is the kind of meta twaddle that could have been produced by a bot scooping around Medium aggregating all the meta ‘top 10/how to life hacks’ which are ultimately utterly vapid because their only purpose is to promote their own retweeting/likes/follows… it will be the death of Medium but from death comes rebirth… and I only hope that it’s a signal from the future that we bound to evolve to the next level of human/digital consciousness.. One that is PURPOSEFUL. i.e. What I want to hear is your authentic, purposeful voice. YOU. A question. A doubt. A dilemma. This is how we can share usefully. Not some multi retweeted productivity life hack! Nuff said. Spleen vent. Apols. P

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